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Serious about getting you the results you’re after!

Quiet Storm is about providing solutions which help our clients achieve their objectives. We've been doing this since 1987, so there have been lots of changes. However strategy for marketing, sales and communications is based upon understanding people, psychology and that hasn't changed too much.


We can work on a one off project but we prefer to build relationships

Solutions are tailored to you the specific results you need, so a project can be a specific tactic or the whole shebang, with training to optimise effectiveness and the tools to accurately measure success.


Our open, collaborative culture and direct approach

The way we work allows us to rapidly evaluate any situation and work interactively with clients to embrace opportunities and bring new ideas to life. We provide the business know-how, technical competence and imagination to create new ways of improving long-term business growth and maximising the return on your investment.


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