Quiet Storm - A lots happened since 1987

Imagine life with no mobile, internet or email?


The route of what we do is influence and pursuade, using the most relevant tactic

The changes in media, communication and the onset of the digital age have made it easy to find the most obscure products and services. Anything is a Google search away in this 'always on' lifestyle. The age of the consumer is upon us and marketing needs to be smarter, react faster and more measurable than ever before.

However, some important things have been lost along the way

Quality, time to think and a true understanding of what works and why. In the rush to go 'digital' some of the key diciplines have been lost within the industry at the expense of the client. The proven pschological marketing techniques and scientific advertising tactics researched and refind over decades are all too rarely applied. People like Edward Bernays, Claude Hopkins and Elmer Wheeler to mention a few, documented highly effective formulas for sales and marketing.

Their influence and recipies for sales success still holds strong within Quiet Storm's core methodology Storming® and is one of the reasons we are consistently successful. Because Storming® develops a brief based upon a formula which incorporates the key motivatiors and triggers of behaviour. It's then applied in the most relevant format to achieve the desired outcome within the budget and timescale.


Here's an overview of how we became who we are today and why this plays an important role in the services we deliver to you.


A chronology of key events:

1987 provided creative and production services to East Midlands advertising agencies and PR companies

This was the time where adverts cost thousands, you needed to be in the Yellow Pages to stand a chance of getting found and advertising agencies played God. The Apple Mac had become the saviour of graphic designers and the digital age was just emerging within the industry.

At this point the business was a partnership between Steve Megson and his partner (now wife) Kathy. Originally based in-house at an advertising agency, Richard Neil and Associates. Then going it alone and based above a screen printers in Coalville trading under the name of Revolution.


1990 purchased new premises in Ashby de la Zouch

Quickly expanding into the space with a fully equipped digital studio, two image setters producing films and a Chromalin machine Quiet Storm was at the cutting edge. Having control in-house was a major advantage as timescales were short and if you couldn't do the work the opportunity passed you by.

A new Limited Company was formed with Phil Rennett, Quiet Storm Communications.

Phil's company 'The Michael Alexander Partnership'  specialised in PR. Phil and I had worked as a team within the Richard Neil and Associates advertising agency, many people were familiar with the results we were able to deliver..

Both 'The Michael Alexander Partnership' and 'Art Direction', Steve & Kathy's company, sub contracted to the newly formed Quiet Storm following the old advertising agency model (i.e. Taking care of everything the client needed, sorting it all out behind the scenes!).


1994 the internet was made available for business use

For something which was to have such a big impact on all our lives, I can honestly say I don't ever remember hearing about it until...


1995 Quiet Storm goes online

Bass, one of our key clients at the time insisted we had this new technology called email. It sat on a machine in the corner of the office. Using a modem to access the internet, we occasionally received a message from their marketing department.


1996 invested in large format printing equipment displays and expaned into video and events

The digital age made anything possible, from video to huge exhibition graphics. The world was changing fast and we were riding the wave. Experimenting with HTML, websites were emerging as a new communication platform. The challenge was, were they a marketing tool or in the domain of the IT department?


1997 created first commercial website (Christian Salvesen plc)

Having dabbled with websites we were commissioned by one of our largest clients at the time to built their first website. As a plc, it came with added reponsability as share prices could be influenced by what was published.


1999 Quiet Storm created it’s first award winning ecommerce website

Moveyourpallet.com enable businesses to book and pay for transportation of palletised goods throughout the UK. Even by today’s standards this site was complex, which is why it received several awards from within the logistics industry.


2000 purchased larger premises in Whitwick

Quiet Storm Communications Limited had run it's course. There was no need to have this shop window to unify the two businesses and project the illusion of a single company. Quiet Storm Solutions was born and move to Whitwick enabled us to expand our services further.


2001 Quiet Storm developed a ground breaking intranet for use in the NHS

The intranet enabled a network of hospitals to collate and access critical information on everything from clinical governance to recording patient mealtime menu selections. Today Quiet Storm continues to work with a wide variety of healthcare providers delivering a range of services from very basic websites to sophisticated patient referral intranets. Clients range from individual private consultants and clinics to some of the largest NHS Trusts in the UK.


2003 largest single contract won (£220k for LG Electronics sales event)

Actually we won two contracts, one for £170k to design their new showroom. Plus an event to launch it and re-engage with independent retailers. Both were highly successful.

It was at this time when I realised the marketing knowledge was the key differenciator between Quiet Storm and our competition. Yet we had nothing to highlight this value or illustrate the processes we applied.

I spent the next four years (on and off) researching, documenting and testing our approach. The World had definitely changed but the evidence demonstrated that the way people behaved had not. With help from a friend and collegue Jonathan Salem Baskin, respected author and brand guru, I completed the project to document our methodology. Along the journey I met John Copeman, a fantastic sales trainer. The initial carnation of this was called Quiet Storm SatNavMarketing® and with the help of the two afore mentioned it was a great success.


2004 Google became a major player, changing the way people found what they wanted

Although Google was first registered in 1998, when two students set to work on enabling users of the web to sort the good pages from the bad. It wasn’t until August 19th 2004, Google stock was first sold to the general public. Today it is one of the most powerful businesses on the planet and has the largest single catalogue of web pages available online. Larry Page and Sergey Brin could not have imagined just how much they would change the way people find what they are looking for.


2004 Quiet Storm launched a range of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools & workshops.

The EasyEdit content management system (CMS) was redeveloped to incorporate SEO tools as standard. This new CMS was launched with free SEO workshops explaining what works and why, on Google. Providing this combination of SEO tools and knowledge has empowered our clients to take charge of how their websites get found.


2005 Association Of Train Companies (ATOC) chooses Quiet Storm

With ecommerce sales measured in millions, visits on one site alone exceeding 500,000 visits in a single calendar month, ATOC is probably the most diverse organisation Quiet Storm works with online. Whether providing e-learning, assessment and qualifications for Travel Agents or the critically acclaimed Disabled Persons Railcard, which adheres to the most stringent accessibility requirements;  Quiet Storm continues to support ATOC with over a dozen websites appealing to a wide ranging number of audiences.


2008 launch Quiet Storm SatNavMarketing®

With SatNav's becoming the way reached our destination, it seemed a good metaphor to use for the successful route to increased sales. The launch event to over 140 business owners resulted in a pilot scheme which provided some outstanding success stories.

The results of the pilot pointed to business owners wanting the short term tools and quick solutions to solve their immediate needs. Coupled with a longer term strategic change in the way their businesses implimented marketing.


2009 pilot Storming® methodology

With a name change to Storming® products were created to address the needs identified in the SatNavMarketing® pilot.. These were piloted and proved highly successful and very quick and cost effective to impliment.The Storming® products ranged websites, direct mail campaigns and brochures, through to SEO and Google Adwords.


2010 Family Business Awards Finalists

The Storming® products were entered into the innovation awards category and came runner up in this hotly contested category.


2011 the largest single bespoke programming contract won at a value in excess of £200K

Providing a portal for our clients’ clients, the browser-based software integrates several complex warehouse management systems into a single, easy to view portal. The contract was successfully delivered on time (within 12 month project plan) and on budget. It provides multiple data views depending upon user rights. It dynamically generated reports on anything from a client’s eye view of their products within the network, to an operationally segmented view of the whole estate for managers.


2011 the International Paralympics choose Quiet Storm and Storming® websites

This significant contract was awarded after several visit's from the International Paralympics Comittee's communications team in Bon, to establish Quiet Storm as a credible supplier to this global movement.

With London hosting the 2012 games it was a prestigious contract to win. Storming® websites were chosen to promote Paralympic movement worldwide because they provide a highly capable, cost effective website solution and project a highly professional image. Whilst the EasyEdit CMS makes adding and updating pages quick and easy, so little website experience or training is required.

London 2012, the biggest and reportedly most successful Paralympic Games to date, underlines the capability and credibility of Quiet Storm. With over 160 countries, competing in 20 sports, the International Paralympic Committee is now on track to get the majority of the participating nations online within the next 5 years.


2012 launch Love Business East Midlands - the regions largest event for the business community

The first Love Business East Midlands event held at Donington Park on 14th February attracted 1,367 visitors and exhibition space was sold out within two weeks of being released! “Love Business East Midlands has enabled Quiet Storm to bring together a dynamic group of business leaders from around 25 partner organisations which include major corporations, universities, government organisations and successful SME’s.


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