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 Storming Sales Accelerator

This is where you can access Quiet Storms’ marketing methodology to help you improve your sales and marketing activities. It also provides you with a CRM to manage customer and supplier contact data, plus lots, lots, more.

Online Support

This is where all your support tickets and new website projects are managed. Plus hosting contracts, support contracts, domain name information, website stats, and anything else to do with your website is held, so you can instantly access it.


This is a FREE resource where you can upload your photographs and manage them to avoid ever losing a digital image again. You can catalogue them, record who took the picture and what it is, so images can be searched upon. The software enables you to create ‘lightbox’ groups of images for projects, like brochures, etc. You can also group several images and download as a zip file.


This is a Quiet Storms’ broadcast email software and enables you to ‘mass email specific customer groups’.  You can personalise the message and it can segment your customer groups based upon their categorisation in the  Storming Sales Accelerator.

 My Admin

This is where you manage your logins and passwords for your various accounts. You can also manage users of these online tools within your organisation. It’s critical that each individual has their own unique login and password, because if someone leaves you need to ensure their access to your organisations business data is disabled.


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