Quiet Storm

Where did the name come from?


It's probably the most frequently asked question

The name Quiet Storm has had this effect since we first started using it in the late 80’s. As original as we thought it was, we were beaten to it by a decade or more.


The name ‘Quiet Storm’ first originated in 1975 as an album by Motown legend Smokey Robinson

‘A Quiet Storm’. The stylish and mature album ‘A Quiet Storm’ is regarded as one of the most highly acclaimed soul albums of the 1970s and was Smokeys’ response to the Funk revolution in black music.

It’s third track, ‘A Quiet Storm’, gave the album its title and inspired a radio station format which lives on today. Although we're all huge Smokey Robinson fans – this isn’t how Quiet Storm Solutions came about.


A Quiet Storm - the inspiration, but not for Quiet Storm Solutions

A Quiet Storm famously inspired Melvin Lyndsay, to create a late-night music programming format ‘the Quiet Storm’. Featuring soulful slow jams, ‘the Quiet Storm’ was pioneered Melvin Lyndsay in the mid-1970s when he was an intern at Howard University radio station WHUR-FM.

As a format ‘Quiet Storm’ is still widely adopted by radio stations across the continents. As testament to the power of Melvins’ concept, most R&B stations have some form of the Quiet Storm format today.  Most notable artists include Smokey Robinson (Quiet Storm theme song) Luther Vandross, Marvin Gaye, Anita Baker, Stevie Wonder and Smooth Jazz artists like Will Downing, Gerald Albright, Rachelle Ferrell and more.


Quiet Storm – a great name for a business

Walking through Derby, Phil Rennett and Steve Megson (Quiet Storm's MD) were searching for a name for our new joint business. Steve loved the power evoked by the word Storm, Phil being the deep thinker of the two, said that wasn’t enough – how about Quiet Storm?

I’m not sure if Phil knew of the album ‘A Quiet Storm’, or the radio format, ‘the Quiet Storm’, but the name stuck and Quiet Storm Communications was born. It served us well for a decade, the life of our joint venture.


Quiet Storm – so good we named it twice!

Throughout the life of Quiet Storm Communications, one thing became clear – the name was a winner. It worked so well that both business partners decided to use it, dropping our other trading names and agreeing to jointly use Quiet Storm for our core business ventures. Phil’s company The Michael Alexander Partnership became Quiet Storm Consultants, and Art Direction, became Quiet Storm Solutions.

The rest, as they say, is history!




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