Working With Quiet Storm

Is this everything you need to know?


Straight talking and to the point

We believe that it is easier all round if everyone knows where they stand. So you'll find us easy to do business with if you enjoy a no nonsense, straight talking approach - we are NOT your usual marketing company types. Doing business with us is easy. Once you have established we can do what you want, you'll receive a detailed quote which outlines the work, the outcomes (responsabilities, timescales and deliverables) together with the payment terms.


What makes us different?

There are several aspects to Quiet Storm you need to be aware of, here's a bullet list of the key benefits you will enjoy:


One to one communication

Quiet Storm does not have account handlers. The people you meet with will be the people who do the work. This direct communication provides us with the opportunity to challenge the brief whilst providing you with a more responsive service.


Storming methodology

Marketing is more of a science than art, however art and subjective input are a part of the day-to day mix. Which means there needs to be a credible framework of proven principles which hold everything together. Based upon over a centuary of best practice, Storming methodology pulls together the core principles of scientific advertising and all that is proven to work for each application.


 e-job bags

All work is recorded via our own electronic job bag software. This provides full accountability of the progress and correspondence during or after any work is carried out. Job bags can be recalled at anytime.


In-house control - turn key service

Our continual investment in equipment and training is obvious to anyone who visits our premises. We do not sub-contract unless it is a specialist requirement - e.g. steel fabrication for point of sale. This provides the control over quality and timescales, enabling us to deliver our price promise guarantee.



Whether during a project or once it has been completed, the need for backup is paramount. Quiet Storm operate several robust systems which ensure that all work in progress is backed up simultaneously as the work is being carried out. Every evening a complete backup of the day's work is taken and stored off-site and once a project is completed, it is catalogued and backed up on different media with on and off-site copies.


Price promise guarantee

We have quite a straight forward policy on price - what we quote is what you pay. In the unusual event that there are to be chargeable author's corrections or changes to the original brief which result in additional costs our policy is simple. We inform you of the additional costs with an explanation of why, together with any viable alternative, and await your further instruction. If we do not, then there are no additional charges.



Quiet Storm are fully insured including Public & Products liability and Professional Indemnity Cover.


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