since 1987

Serious about getting you the results you’re after! Quiet Storm is about providing solutions which help our clients achieve their objectives. We’ve been doing this since 1987, so there have been lots of changes. However strategy for marketing, sales and communications is based upon understanding people, psychology and that hasn’t changed too much.

We can work on a one off project but we prefer to build relationships. Solutions are tailored to you the specific results you need, so a project can be a specific tactic or the whole shebang, with training to optimise effectiveness and the tools to accurately measure success.

Our open, collaborative culture and direct approach. The way we work allows us to rapidly evaluate any situation and work interactively with clients to embrace opportunities and bring new ideas to life. We provide the business know-how, technical competence and imagination to create new ways of improving long-term business growth and maximising the return on your investment.


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Quiet Storm –
A lot happened since 1987

Imagine life with no mobile, internet or email? The route of what we do is influence and pursuade, using the most relevant tactic. The changes in media, communication and the onset of the digital age have made it easy to find the most obscure products and services. Anything is a Google search away in this ‘always on’ lifestyle. The age of the consumer is upon us and marketing needs to be smarter, react faster and more measurable than ever before.

We work every day to make sure that our clients receive the best customer service possible. We’re on hand to help you whenever you need us, with our monitored ticketing system and  online support box were are just a message away. As you would imagine, we’ve automated and systemised what we can - but we’re always available to speak in person, and are fanatical about building relationships.



Storming Sales Accelerator

This is where you can access Quiet Storms’ marketing methodology to help you improve your sales and marketing activities. It also provides you with a CRM to manage customer and supplier contact data, plus lots, lots, more



Online Support

This is where all your support tickets and new website projects are
managed. Plus hosting contracts, support contracts, domain name
information, website stats, and anything else to do with your website is
held, so you can instantly access it.





This is a FREE resource where you can upload your photographs and
manage them to avoid ever losing a digital image again. You can catalogue them, record who took the picture and what it is, so images can be searched upon. The software enables you to create ‘lightbox’ groups of images for projects, like brochures and download them as a Zip file.




This is where you manage your logins and passwords for your various
accounts. You can also manage users of these online tools within your
organisation. It’s critical that each individual has their own unique login and password, because if someone leaves you need to ensure their access to your organisations business data is disabled.




Want to visit, meet the team, see our facilities?
We are a team of digital experts with years of experience from building clever websites to developing bespoke business management tools. Our team has built, launched and supported clients both large and small. What makes Quiet Storm unique is the mix of experience our people have combined with the diversity of the projects we’ve been involved with. We have offices you can visit, employees you can meet, we’re not a virtual company that has a ‘collective’ of people who work together on a revolving door basis. We're a business who employs people, many of whom are working to own a stake in the company and drive it forward. 

Our key strengths, without a doubt, are the people who make up Quiet Storm
The synergy of our people, their experience and knowledge means you always get a wider perspective. We provide fully integrated solutions based upon expert knowledge, integrity and honesty, coupled with outstanding levels of after sale support. Experience and expertise blend with energy and exuberance - providing the skills, abilities and team spirit needed to ensure the company retains its unique character and continues to build on its growing reputation.


Our extensive in-house facilities enable us to maintain control over quality, timescales and budgets
Multi-faceted projects can be handled under one roof saving our clients time and making the whole exercise more efficient. You get the best solution, because we understand what works and why. The breadth of experience with Quiet Storm means we often have first hand experience of your industry. Combine this with a credible knowledge base of what's possible and you will begin to imagine the benefits our experience brings. Whether you simply want it executed professionally or you'd like a second opinion, we'd love to get the chance to discuss any project.


We look forward to working with you!
You'll find us easy to do business with if you enjoy a no nonsense, straight talking approach. Doing business with us is easy. Once you have established we can do what you want, you'll receive a detailed quote which outlines the work, the outcomes (responsabilities, timescales and deliverables) together with the payment terms.

Because we believe in putting something back
Quiet Storm actively support the local community and focus our support through:


Improving the skills of young people to equip them for the world of business, work and technology
To this end we help local schools, colleges and universities by offering a work experience/internship/placement scheme to assist in developing skills closely related to our business activity.


Helping selected charitable organisations that might not be able to afford our services
We have helped local historical societies, hospices and a charity focused on helping ex-servicemen. The only criteria we set is it must touch our hearts. As a small company, we consider every request, however our capacity to help is limited and we priorotise those who have a personal connection with one of our team.


Helping the regions businesses by connecting, promoting and supporting
Love Business started with an event at Donnington Park in 2012 to connect, promote and support the East Midlands business community. Since then it has grown to a movement which engages people who 'Love Business' and pulls together all the organisations who can help them. It’s grown by working with the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce,  Federation of Small Businesses, Universities, regional grant funding agencies; apprenticeship providers and local charities. It facilitates connections of any size.  of business to any size of organisation. 

Love Business News website has developed into a powerful B2B marketing and publicity platform which helps brands get in front of thousands of senior business leaders, executives and decision-makers across the region.


Supporting the RNLI
As our MD is a keen boater, coastal skipper and lives in Poole, the home of the RNLI, we feel duty bound to support those brave men so frequently put their lives on the line for others.