When are you thinking of reviewing your strategy to increase sales?

At Quiet-Storm we understand how the market continues to change and how important it is to keep one step ahead of the game. We continue to support businesses with their desire to strategise, market and communicate.

  • From strategic decisions to managing sales pipelines

  • From Brand advice to communication methods - On Paper, On Show or On Line

  • From Website design to online results - It starts with a FREE Marketing Workshop

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One Brief • Less Hassle • Better Results

For 30 years, Quiet-Storm have developed the Storming® Methodology, which provides a 'Thinking Framework' to help formulate, or revise your sales and marketing strategy.

It provides a solid foundation for intelligent growth that people can SEE, FOLLOW and MEASURE, helping the targeting of 'ideal clients' by ensuring more focus on delivering the best return on investment.

We are happy to work on a one off project or the whole growth strategy - and because we are results driven, we provide you with a free online portal "Storming Sales Accelerator", which reports performance data and puts you in control of the customer lifecycle engagement.


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FREE Marketing Workshop - What if you could get inside your buyer’s head?

Quiet-Storm developed the Storming® Seven Step process, ensuring your sales and marketing processes are more effective. They also developed a very successful workshop to help businesses understand the buying process. This 3 hour workshop is 'Free' to attend and is aptly named 'Get Inside your Buyers head'.

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