Product selector is a problem solver for manufacturer

Robert Smit, Technical Advisor with pbi, said: "The final item fitted the bill in every way and the problem solver wheel can now be found hanging at information points in good garden centres all over the UK. The idea has even been taken up by Bayer into continental Europe.

"I think the aspect of the QS service that I most valued was the problem-solving attitude, followed closely by the design itself.

"This is evidenced in the fact that everyone, both customers and staff, were happy with a unique and outstanding tool to use at point of sale."

Pbi Home & Garden, a Bayer Company and producer of plant and garden lovers' favourites Baby Bio and Phostrogen, was looking for an attractive way to help gardeners and garden centre staff find which of their comprehensive range of products was needed to tackle specific problems.

The problem solver wheel previously used was in urgent need of modernisation and pbi turned to Quiet Storm to update it with modern information, materials and an eye-catching design.

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