Genocide in Rwanda memorial launches website

Many of the reports focused on the tragedy of the past, but what is most important to Rwanda and its survivors is the future.

Consequently, the Rwandan government has set up an initiative called Rwanda 10 to mark the anniversary with a programme of activities and events and to reposition the country on the world stage.

Nottinghamshire-based Aegis Trust, which works towards the prevention of genocide with survivors, decision-makers and the next generation, was invited to implement various aspects of the project, including producing a website.

The Trust approached Quiet Storm to design and build the site, which would play a key role in co-ordinating the international community's activities from April to July, raising awareness and raising financial and moral support.

Commenting on, Avril Rawson from the Aegis Trust said: "A huge range of activities have been undertaken including national and regional ceremonies, an international conference and a youth concert. The Rwanda 10 website has a number of features to support these initiatives.

"The events diary, Scroll of Remembrance, ways to support the on-going work in Rwanda section and how to make a donation included by Quiet Storm are all helping the site achieve its aims.

"The Trust was delighted to be able to hand the site over to the Rwandan government on the day designated by United Nations as an International Day of Reflection on the Genocide in Rwanda."

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