How do you sell a new service to those who you know need it - even if they don't understand what it is?

As a logistics solution company, Christian Salvesen had worked with many varying clients during this transition period. Now they recognised that the solutions and experience they had gained meant that they had a new service offering to package and position - e-fulfilment.

E-fulfilment is what happens when you buy something over the internet; it is how the product is stored, stock is relayed to the website, orders processed and goods picked, packed and despatched. On the face of it this all seems fairly straightforward but people may want to order several items in a single visit. They may also wish to cancel or change an order after it is picked but before it is dispatched. If the products you sell vary from something that is as small as a necklace to as big as an American fridge, how do you manage the delivery process? All these factors plus many, many more, are all challenges for which Christian Salvesen have devised practical solutions - solutions for potential customers who have either, so far, resisted e-commerce or who have only dabbled in it are looking for.

The challenge now faced by Christian Salvesen was ‘how do you explain what it is that you do in enough detail so that they understand the benefits without losing the message?’

Christian Salvesen has been a client of Quiet Storm since the early 90s, in fact we built their first website in 1997. They knew we understood how they operated and that we also understood the technicalities of e-commerce. This enabled them to brief us on what it is that Christian Salvesen do in e-fulfilment that makes such a big difference to their customers. There are so many things to consider in e-fulfilment and the detail required to explain the benefits, meant that video was probably the only way that could communicate this in a couple of minutes without the message getting lost. It was agreed that there was also a need for a brochure and case studies.

The brochure - incorporating a schematic of all the processes involved in getting a product ordered and delivered online - together with case studies and a DVD were created as a single marketing tool to be used to communicate the e-fulfilment service offerings available from Christian Salvesen.

Mark Catley of Christian Salvesen had this to say about the marketing
solution created by Quiet Storm...

“Quiet Storm were able to understand the benefits experienced by our customers and translated this into an e-fulfilment service offering. The brochure pack with the DVD and case studies quickly and clearly communicates the benefit we can bring to anyone thinking of selling online. I have no doubt that this has contributed to the success we have enjoyed in this area of our business. The complexities of the logistics and legislation for online selling could have blinded our prospects with science. Instead the message is easily understood and the benefits of choosing Christian Salvesen are very clear.”

Mark concluded, “Customers who have seen the Quiet Storm material have told me that the video showed them exactly what they needed to know to make an informed decision.”

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