Drought Garden draws the crowds at BBC Gardeners World Live Show

Bayer Garden is a leading supplier of garden products and a division of Bayer CropScience Ltd, a global giant in crop protection and non-agricultural pest control. To raise the profile of their product range Bayer Garden sponsored a garden display for the 2008 BBC Gardeners’ World Live Show held at the NEC.

The garden featured a range of nature’s hardiest plants, some of which could survive for up to a year without a drop of water. The purpose of the garden was to demonstrate how nature has adapted plants to cope with extreme growing environments. With gardeners of the future facing the added challenges presented by climate change, plants that can survive drought conditions may become a necessary feature.

The spectacular garden included huge plants, one the size of a truck, and was sure to attract a huge volume of visitors. Bayer Garden asked Quiet Storm to design and print an A5, full colour leaflet for the show that would give visitors information about the garden and the Bayer Garden product range. Some images and all the copy were supplied but the design and layout were the responsibility of Quiet Storm who had to work within Bayer branding guidelines.

As 10,000 copies of the gloss leaflet were needed, a litho print process was used as this is the most cost effective method for large runs. The timescale for producing the leaflet was very tight and Quiet Storm immediately booked a slot on a litho press to ensure the deadline was met, with time to spare.

Commenting on the work carried out by Quiet Storm, Sarah Downes, Marketing Assistant for Bayer Garden said: “As sponsors of the garden we planned to have Bayer Garden staff on the stand, speaking to the public and handing out leaflets. We asked Quiet Storm to design a leaflet that was consumer focused and not too corporate. There was a need to include specific information and logos at certain points but the overall layout was up to them. We also asked them to source a number of photos for us and they provided exactly what was required.

“We have used Quiet Storm many times over the years and we know they will get the job done quickly. The team has a feel for our Bayer Garden ‘look’ and always interprets the brief just right. This job was carried out with the high level of professionalism and friendliness that we have come to expect from the company. I was especially impressed by the speed in which they were able to turn this around and the ability to cope with our last minute changes.”

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