Council leads the way with its environmental challenge awards

The Footprints challenge raises the profile of key environmental issues. Its aim is to educate and encourage people to make a positive impact on their community. The topics of carbon reduction, travel, energy, biodiversity, waste reduction and recycling are all explained on the Council’s website and will be featured in a series of ‘green’ themed events. Supporting the initiative is an awards scheme promoted to companies, groups and individuals in all sectors of the local community. Footprints Awards will be given to those whose efforts contribute to a real improvement in the environment.

Quiet Storm was asked to assist with two elements of the scheme. The Council wanted a printed prospectus that could be given to potential sponsors of the awards and also commissioned a series of fun graphics.

The prospectus was designed as a four page A5 leaflet that included a table detailing the sponsorship packages and an enquiry section with a call to action. Quiet Storm produced 250 copies of the leaflet using its in-house digital print facility.

The brief for the graphics called for a set of characters to represent a Footprint family. Quiet Storm designers developed several different concepts that included mum, dad, nan, son and daughter. The Council chose a cartoon–based option and these were made into professional graphics files for future use.

North West Leicestershire District Council’s Head of Communications, Ian Hill said: “One of the joys of working with Quiet Storm is giving them an idea of what I need and knowing they will come up with something I like. We were very pleased with the prospectus and they have been well received by organisations across the District and beyond. The Footprints characters designed by Quiet Storm will be used to capture the imagination of the younger members of the community. We are currently looking at creating a series of badges that can be used as a reward or incentive when children get involved in the challenge.

“The Footprints Challenge is a long term project for the Council. This year we are sowing the seed. We aim to encourage people to gain a greater understanding of environmental issues and look at new and different ways of making positive changes. By targeting every sector of our community we are not ignoring the part everyone needs to play in creating a greener district.”

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