Dynamic new website generates enquiries

Far more than you may realise. When Cave Tab asked Quiet Storm to redesign its literature to match its new website, changing the cover was just the start.

Northampton based Cave Tab has been providing records and information management solutions for over eighty years, from card index systems in the early days to web-hosted digital systems today. It is also a leading supplier of tracking and records management software using barcode or radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. These systems enable organisations to locate and track physical items as well as electronic documents and are becoming increasingly vital to organisations looking to reduce risk, ensure compliance and maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Following a website redesign by Quiet Storm, Cave Tab turned its attention to its Filing Systems and Supplies brochure. As well as emulating the professional look of the website the new brochure needed to provide a quick and simple guide to the product range and prices. Cave Tab also wanted to use the brochure to introduce and explain its tracking, scanning and storage lines.

All information and product images for the new 20 page, A4 size booklet were supplied by Cave Tab along with the brief to design and print a dynamic brochure that would grab the interest of its audience.

To ensure optimum effectiveness as a sales tool, the most profitable group of products were displayed in the first pages of the brochure. This immediately brings them to the attention of customers. Then, to maximise the visual impact, the remaining product groups were given their own colour coded pages. Clear product images and simple pricing tables were used throughout the brochure and, at the bottom of every page, a call to action was included urging customers to contact the sales team.

Cave Tab Managing Director Ian Keers explained: “This was a major re-working of our previous brochure and price list. The new design encompasses the whole product range and has a much more dynamic look. The colours and text used are more striking and the sales and order line information on each page is bolder and more prominent.

“We are extremely pleased with the way the brochure came out and it is working really well for us. The whole business of dealing with Quiet Storm regarding both the web site and the brochure has been an excellent experience for us. We wouldn’t hesitate in using Quiet Storm again.”

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