Trailer branding raises company profile across Europe

Pallet rental provider IPP Logipal does not operate its own fleet of vehicles but uses outside transporters and depots to move pallets to its customers and from retailers. So when it was offered the chance to place the IPP logo on five new refrigerated trailers operated by one of its suppliers it seized the opportunity.

IPP Logipal has evolved to become one of Europe’s leading pallet rental providers. It is part of the Faber Halbertsma Group, the largest pallet manufacturer and the second largest pallet pooling business in Europe and it works across many of Europe’s major retail supply chains. The UK and Ireland business of IPP Logipal was established at the beginning of 2005, specialising in the provision of a high quality pallet service to the FMCG, packaging and industrial sectors

The company is a key part of the distribution process for a variety of products and works with large and small customers that produce many of the familiar brands on retailer’s shelves including major producers in the the dairy, beverage, bakery, snacks, paper, produce and confectionery sectors amongst others.

In order to fully take advantage of its supplier’s offer to place the brand on the sides of five 13.6 metre long articulated lorries, IPP Logipal needed to commission a vehicle livery design that would use the huge space most effectively. It went straight to the creator of its brand, Quiet Storm, for a suitable solution. The On Show team met the brief by keeping the whole look crisp and striking and incorporated a map of Europe into the design to emphasise the extent of the pallet provider’s continental coverage

IPP Logipal Managing Director Phil Storer said: “Quiet Storm had already worked with us on our brand design and guidelines and created our website. Given the level of service and quality we had experienced with them previously we naturally asked them to design the trailer livery. The vehicles are operated by one of our suppliers who also work closely with many customers in the produce sector so this was a great opportunity to raise our profile. We wanted a design that would consistently promote our brand message and our website address on the roads of the UK and on the Continent. We were not disappointed.”

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