Complex mailing project put in ‘safe hands'

Outsourcing the production of a complicated communications project, where time was tight and accuracy paramount, relieved the pressure in a hectic communications department.

Norbert Dentressangle is a major player in the logistics and transport market, employing more than 9,000 people at 86 sites across the UK.
When the need arose to send a series of personalised letters to employees across the company, Rachel Helson, Head of Organisational Development and Communication, called for outside assistance. Rachel said: “We had to send a series of communications regarding a benefit change. It was a huge project comprising thousands of personalised letters to different employee groups, using different letterheads and signatories, and variable information packs.

“The quantities and variable information involved in this mailing made it a complex mail merge operation. Furthermore, absolute accuracy in sending the correct information to each employee was vital. It was one of those projects that had the potential to keep you awake at night. When I made the decision to outsource the work I simply didn’t consider giving it to anyone other than Quiet Storm. Having worked with the team in the past we were confident this important communication project would be dealt with efficiently. They’re a safe pair of hands. I’m really happy to say that, despite the complicated nature of this project, all went smoothly.”

The timescale for delivering on the first element of the project was tight. Within one week comprehensive information packs containing CD’s and printed information on the proposed change had to be prepared and delivered to company managers due to attend a conference. Quiet Storm’s On-Paper team quoted for the job, obtained the required information and materials, and delivered the completed packs within the one week deadline. Over the following weeks, thousands of individual letters were produced and sent to employees in the various company divisions.

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