Reaping the rewards of an integrated marketing campaign

Rudolph & Hellmann Automotives had won the respect of its select list of blue chip clients but was relatively unknown to the wider industry. Guidance was needed on how to present its logistics services to the marketplace and develop the brand.

As a leading provider of dynamic ‘on-site’ logistics and internal supply chain solutions to the automotive industry Rudolph & Hellmann is dedicated to making the manufacturing processes of its clients leaner and more efficient. The company’s expertise ranges from the management of large, time sensitive warehouses to direct production line feed and sub assembly. It has extensive experience in designing solutions to meet the most demanding logistic challenges, such as downsizing and shut-downs, and provides consultancy and bespoke IT systems development individually tailored to each client’s needs.

Since its formation in 2000 Rudolph & Hellman has worked with the most prestigious names in vehicle manufacturing. But after ten years of offering an outstanding service to a limited number of clients the management team wanted to expand. Sales and Business Development Manager James Biddulph explains: “As a company we had not invested in pro-active business development and marketing. We are privileged to be working with blue chip companies but realise that we do not appear on the automotive sector radar. In our industry most contracts are won through tender but if people don’t know we exist then we simply won’t get on a company’s approved list. We needed help and direction from a marketing expert who could advise us on the best approach. We selected Quiet Storm to partner us through this important transition because their team presented concepts relevant to our business. They demonstrated a thorough understanding of what we do and explained why various concepts would work and they were able to quantify how effective they would be.”

Quiet Storm’s advice was to create a portfolio of marketing materials to strengthen the Rudolph & Hellmann brand in front of existing and potential customers. The first priority was to create a polished and informative new website that would appeal to the target market and encourage enquiries. A printed brochure and corporate DVD echoing the sales message were produced and as well as a graphic illustrating the stages of process implementation. To maintain a professional profile at meetings and presentations and reinforce the brand, Quiet Storm created a Power Point template which followed the design of the website and brochure. The addition of a pop-up stand gives added power to presentations and is a must for exhibitions. The Rudolph & Hellmann stand has extra flexibility as it comes with a second set of ‘skins’ which provide a blank area that acts as a projection screen.

To make a big impression with the marketing campaign, Quiet Storm created a high impact direct mailer which includes a mug, tea-bag and snack bar in a personalised presentation box.

James Biddulph added: “We want potential clients to notice us and remember our name. The mailer is directing people to our website, creating new contacts for us and is opening the door ready for a call from our sales team. With a full marketing tool-kit we are dressed to impress. This gives us the confidence and ability to make our mark on the automotive industry.”

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