How using microsites to highlight specific areas of your business will increase your web appeal

Keen to maximise the potential business that can be generated via the internet, Ward Recycling enlisted Quiet Storm’s expertise to help it promote the company in three key areas. The first priority was to design a new content rich corporate website, with an on-line ordering and processing capability, which would promote their whole range of services. Once this was up and running Ward wanted to give extra emphasis to its nationwide waste management capability and its car recycling services.

Manager Donald Ward explains: “We needed a dynamic new main website that would provide comprehensive information on all the services we provide. It had to be search engine friendly and work with our new computer system to enable on-line ordering. In addition we were looking for a way to focus attention on our scrap car collection and recycling service as well as our ability to recycle or safely dispose of waste from organisations anywhere in the UK. Quiet Storm suggested using microsites to target these two areas as they can have their own specific URL and are easy to optimise to attract search engines. We would still carry the information about these services on our main site but we would be getting ‘two bites of the cherry’.”

Microsites are a great marketing tool as they provide an opportunity to target a particular audience. They can be a single page or made up of a cluster of pages. Ward’s site includes an FAQ section, an on-line booking form and testimonials from satisfied customers. The microsite carries news and case studies and an on-line enquiry form.

Donald Ward added: “Our main site went live a few months ago and has already taken over 400 orders so is working really well. People can get a quote and place orders 24 hours a day and customers will soon be able to view on-line information such as reports on how their waste has been recycled. Our two microsites mirror the design style of the main site but are independent and have their own logos. These have just gone live and we will be carefully studying the analytics from all three sites over the coming months to evaluate our marketing."

Ward Recycling offer a total waste management and recycling solution including skip hire, scrap metal, waste services and vehicle disposal and has an annual turnover in excess of £50m. Established in 1950, the company is managed by third and fourth generation family members, employs over 120 people and operates a fleet of over 45 vehicles.

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