Offering customers visual inspiration is an important ingredient in the successful sales formula at Elegance in Glass..

Offering customers visual inspiration is an important ingredient in the successful sales formula at Elegance in Glass and the decorative and stained glass manufacturer has seen an influx of new enquiries since its redesigned website went live.

Elegance in Glass was set up 1988 as one of the first stained glass overlay franchises in the UK. Since then the company has designed and produced thousands of projects ranging from single panels through to complete sets of stained glass windows for churches. Over the years other processes have also been developed which has extended the product range to include sandblasted and etched glass as well as trophy cabinets and display shelves.

Managing Director Mike Newcombe realised that in order to attract new business during an economic downturn Elegance in Glass needed to raise its profile. The old site was not being found by search engines and seemed dated. It also had an over-complicated navigation and a general design style that did little to exploit the beauty of the products. The team at Quiet Storm knew the website had to appeal to the business market, such as builders and architects, as well as to the end users. Visitors to the site should have an immediate understanding of the company’s products, service and capabilities and have easy access to an enquiry form and contact information. The web designers used the client’s own library images to create stunning montages that showcase a wide range of design concepts and the pages were optimised so that search engines would be drawn to the site.

Mike Newcombe said: “Our new site is excellent. Since it went live traffic has been increasing month on month and we are seeing new enquiries coming through. I’m pleased that what we have achieved is virtually a ‘one-click’ site where visitors can see what section they want as soon as they land on the home page.

“Securing new business during a recession is always going to be tough but having a good website will increase customer awareness of what we can do. This is particularly important to our business because often, when people first approach us, they don't have a clear idea of what they want. They need to be inspired by our previous designs and then we have something to work from.”

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