How to create an instant impression anytime, anywhere

The British Compressed Air Society (BCAS) asked Quiet Storm to design new ‘skins’ for its banners used regularly at major exhibitions and networking events. With 2010 marking the 80th anniversary of BCAS this was an opportunity to celebrate an important milestone as well as reinforce the Society’s brand values.

Executive Director Chris Dee said: “We had five banners and wanted each of them to display one of our values, underpinned by key words and a strong image. We were looking for creativity in design and suggested a series of sporting images that would be thought provoking. Quiet Storm got it just right and delivered on time and on budget.

“Having a set of five banners gives us great flexibility. I used the full set recently at the NEC and then chose just two when I spoke at another Trade Association’s event. The banners do exactly what we wanted them to in terms of presenting our message and they are great conversation starters when people visit our exhibition stand. I can apply the values across a diverse range of industries and the sporting images are a great link to various sporting metaphors that can be applied to business situations.

“We want our members to understand that they gain an advantage by being associated with our brand values and so in turn do their customers.”

BCAS is the UK trade association for the compressed air and vacuum industry. It is open to manufacturers, distributors and end users of compressed air products, portable air compressors and services. The Society and its members aim to promote the use of safe and reliable power, improve the services they offer industry and encourage and help members to develop their professional competence. Chris Dee added: “We give impartial advice to members or non members based on the good principles of our industry without favouring individual companies.”

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