Are you telling your customers what they need to know?

Flint decided to ditch its lengthy product presentation in favour of an attention-grabbing brochure that would be used in a targeted mailing to key decision makers.

Pareto uses Bluetooth® and GPRS technology to trigger replenishment orders of components. This automated order process results in significant cost and time savings but the message did not seem to be coming through clearly enough to customers. Flint’s Country Manager, Vince Clark explains: “We had been marketing Pareto for around five years and introducing it to customers via a detailed face-to-face slide presentation. We decided that in order to increase market penetration we had to take a different approach. We had seen a brochure, produced by Quiet Storm, which had great impact so we decided to commission something similar – not just a product brochure but a highly effective sales tool for Pareto.

“The original presentation was used as source material but the focus was on producing brief, simple to follow text and graphics that showcased all the customer benefits. We now have a punchy 8-page brochure which includes powerful customer testimonials. People can immediately see what the product can do for them and how it will be of value. This won’t be used in a mass mailing but will be sent direct to named, senior personnel as they are the ones who will be most impressed by Pareto’s benefits. We have already had our first positive reaction. We got back in touch with a customer who had previously seen the Pareto presentation but not committed to purchasing the system. We sent them a copy of the new brochure and they immediately called us to say how great the product is!

“Now Quiet Storm is also helping us create a new presentation, based on the brochure and in the longer term we would like to commission a DVD. We have worked with Quiet Storm for a number of years and the team always impresses us with their level of service. We have several other projects in the pipeline with them.”

Leicestershire-based Flint is a leading UK supplier of electronic components and is renowned for developing tailor-made supply chain solutions that save customers time and money. It is backed by major global distributor Avnet Inc.

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