If it needs to be seen to be believed – film it!

Quiet Storm’s On Show team was asked to produce a promotional DVD showing pupils working together to construct the 12.5m long bridge during a one hour lesson.

Fiona Tuner, Regional Administrator for ICE in the East Midlands explains: “This is a relatively new project for our region and it has already had a great impact. The bridge building exercise is an exciting way to introduce the concept of civil engineering to children. We realised that we needed to convey the size and scale of the project when we are selling it into schools because teachers were not appreciating just how dramatic it is. A video seemed the perfect answer. Quiet Storm understood and interpreted our brief perfectly and with great creativity. They produced a highly professional video, very quickly. We are delighted by how effectively it showcases the project and reflects our brand. Quiet Storm created a DVD version as well as a Windows Media File and this gives us the option of distributing the showreel in person, by post or via email. We also plan to upload a version to our website shortly. We have been receiving a steady stream of enquiries and bookings as a result of the video and it has also been instrumental in helping us pitch for further sponsorship for the project. Our Executive Board are very happy with it."

ICE is a registered charity with nearly 80,000 members worldwide. Its aim is to promote and progress civil engineering. In 2009 ICE launched the Bridge-to-Schools project which aims to make children more aware of the work of civil engineers and their contribution to society. Around 2850 school children took part in the project during the year last year. Under the instruction of an ICE Ambassador, pupils build a 12.5m long cable-stayed bridge that they can actually walk across when it is finished. This provides a focus to a highly educational session and teaches various engineering principles.

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