How personalised direct mail can open doors for your business

Spreading Success is an established consultancy based in the East Midlands, who have successfully identified, created and embedded practical business solutions across the commercial, public and not for profit sectors. Their client base includes large national organisations, SME’s, further education colleges, local authorities, charities and the NHS. They work with clients to help them improve their overall organisational performance.

John Steele said: “I had been trying to make contact with the principals at specific further education colleges but was not able to get past their gate-keeper. Principals are busy people and notoriously difficult for service companies to get in front of. Now, thanks to a personalised direct mail campaign, I am getting further than I ever have before.

“Quiet Storm has devised a strategy to target my top 20 prospects. The campaign consists of a series of personalised mailshots that drive the recipients to a landing page on my web site that is unique to each college and explains my services.

“The first correspondence the college principal receives is an introductory letter and a personalised china mug. For this current campaign these have all been sent and I have followed up with a phone call and been able to verify that 16 out of the 20 principles had indeed received their mug. This is all positive because even if at that early stage I don’t get to speak to the principle then I can at least be reassured that they know about my services at Spreading Success.
“Sending a personalised gift really does work. One college principal received his mug and letter and took me up on my offer of a desk top review. He was sufficiently impressed to take my proposal to the Executive Team for consideration. That is a fantastic result and much more than I expected.

“The follow up mailshots are glossy postcards sent out monthly and offering the free desktop review. We are now on number four out of six. I can monitor the impact of the campaign by checking the hits on each of the unique website landing pages. Already nine of the 20 twenty prospects have looked at their page and are more aware of the services we offer. One of the calls to action on the website is for people to subscribe to our newsletter. One of the mailshot targets has already taken up this offer.

“Direct mail provides me with a platform for follow-up phone calls. When I call the college it is no longer a cold call. Quiet Storm have created brilliant designs for the mailshot and created an effective website that is easy for me to edit. The profile of the company is undoubtedly building.

“This is a particularly hard time to approach further education colleges as they are in a non-buying mode. However, eventually spending will increase and I can be confident that I have done the groundwork in preparation for that time.”

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