Generating sales with innovative ideas and a clear and powerful message

Quiet Storm offered a ‘one to one’ consultancy service and advocated a range of measures to strengthen the company’s sales message and boost sales.  The ‘Storming’ marketing package included the development of a sales brochure, website with lead generators, High Impact Direct Mail and Power Point presentation templates.

Managing Director of Absolute Networks, Matthew Drew, explained: “There is huge competition in the IT support sector so standing out from the crowd is critical. Our key new business was traditionally generated through referrals and telesales. However, the past two or three years have really changed the market place and there is fierce competition for the buyers’ attention. Even with fantastic service and good telesales we found it increasingly difficult to open new doors.

“Working with Quiet Storm gave us focus, a clear targeted message and some really innovative ideas to get us noticed. Their systematic approach provided us with a process to follow so we could refine the sales strategy and continually improve results. The results we get now compared to before we worked with Quiet Storm mean we are more effective with measurably greater success.”

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