Selling the benefits – not just the product

TCS UK Director, Dave Clements asked Quite Storm to develop an updated identity for the Group’s energy solutions division and produce marketing materials carrying a strong, customer benefit driven sales message aimed at the manufacturing and warehousing sectors.

He said: “For the website we had a shopping list of required features which included contemporary design, a content management system and lead generation tools. The ‘Storming’ template gave us just what we wanted at a great price. Text for the site was taken from our new brochure which was written for us by Quiet Storm.

“The same design style was used for the Power Point Presentation which allows us to tell a clear and concise story highlighting the unique benefits customers will enjoy if they select us.

“Quiet Storm understood exactly what we wanted and produced it quickly. Our stationery, brochures website and presentation allow us to project a professional image and quickly gain the confidence of even large organisations. Already we have had complimentary feedback.

“We expect our next six months’ figures to out-perform the previous 12 months and will be making full use of our new marketing tools to sustain this growth.”

TCS Energy Solutions redesign and upgrade lighting systems for warehouses, distribution centres and manufacturing facilities. The expert team advice on how to significantly reduce costs, provide appropriate light levels and solve lighting related problems. The company also offers compliance inspection to organisations keen to meet environmental targets. Their new marketing materials needed to convey this strong energy and cost saving message via the internet and print as well as at face-to-face meetings.

To create a new brochure for TCS, Quiet Storm gathered product information and images then developed the design and wrote copy that would actively encourage further action from potential customers. The design concept was then transferred to the Power Point Presentation document and to the website.

The ‘Storming’ range of websites are the perfect choice for companies who are working to a strict budget but still want a dynamic and professional internet presence. There are a variety of templates to choose which still result in an individual style once an organisation’s branding is uploaded. Every Storming site is designed to smoothly interact with visitors and encourage further contact. TCS Energy Solutions are making good use of the lead generation tools by offering a free evaluation survey to site visitors who supply their full contact details and including a ‘call me back’ section . The information gathered is then added to the TCS database and can be used in future marketing initiatives. With access to a full range of visitor statistics the company can check how the site is performing month on month.

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