Using every trick to draw the crowds

Quiet Storm were asked to take on the challenge and create maximum impact at the event.

More than 12,000 visitors attended the Open Day at the plant. It was a chance for workers and the wider community to bring their families along for a tour of the production facilities and be entertained and informed by a series of exhibits.

Jeff Hyde, Rudolph and Hellmann’s Finance Director and Company Secretary, explains: “This was a great marketing and PR opportunity for us. Having engaged Quiet Storm on numerous occasions we were confident they would create a dynamic and professional show. We were not disappointed and received great feedback from visitors and our host.

“The backwall graphics, video presentations running on two plasma screens, and a ‘wall’ of Rudolph and Hellmann branded helium balloons caught the attention of visitors. A leaflet was produced for the event to explain our services and a children’s entertainer drew in the crowds. We were inundated with entries for our prize draw to win a £500 holiday voucher and the branded sweets and toys we gave away were hugely popular. The day was a great success and we asked Quiet Storm to take charge of our next event.”

The promotional ideas for the open day were chosen from a list of suggestions presented by Quiet Storm. The video presentation used on the stand was one previously produced by Quiet Storm and is used on the Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive website. It was continuously looped over two plasma screens built into the exhibition display stand.

A wall of one thousand red, white and blue helium balloons created added impact. These were presented to the younger visitors throughout the day. Quiet Storm designed and printed a leaflet explaining Rudolph and Hellmann’s expertise. This also included a prize draw section which visitors could complete for their chance to win a generous holiday voucher. The competition was highly popular with around a thousand people entering their names for the draw.

The promotional gifts were chosen with the ages of the visitors in mind. High quality metal car toys and squeezy rubber stress-busting cars proved a massive hit with the crowds as did the branded sweets. The juggling, unicycle riding, magician provided entertainment for the whole family and enticed people closer to the stand. In addition to sourcing the promotional items and the entertainment, Quiet Storm filmed and photographed the day. A team briefing was also held to ensure everyone was well prepared for the event.

Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive specialise in removing inefficiency from manufacturing processes. Their expertise ranges from managing large time sensitive warehouses to direct production line feed and sub assembly. The company also develops bespoke web based warehouse management systems and supports manufacturers during site closures and relocations.

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