Go MAD message shouted loud and clear at public sector exhibition

Business Improvement Consultancy, Go MAD®
Thinking had set ambitious targets for engaging with the public sector at the annual Civil Service Live exhibition. With a new brochure and a dynamic stand, both designed to create maximum impact at the event, Go MAD hit their mark.

“We had crystal clear objectives for this event,” explains Go MAD’s Head of Business Development Dominic Jackson. “We wanted to raise our profile with the public sector and create awareness of what we do. Results would be measured by how many opportunities were stimulated, how many people we could drive to our Discovery Days and the value of new business generated.

“The event brochure worked brilliantly for getting our core messages across and during the three day exhibition our stand and seminar were packed out. There is no doubt it was instrumental in securing 280 leads and 52 Discovery Day registrations. We are very pleased with this outcome and the opportunities we now have in the pipeline. Quiet Storm made a key contribution. Ultimately we are looking for a ten-fold return on our investment in this event and we are on track to achieve that.”

“Quiet Storm have provided a number of successful brochures for us in the past and the team have demonstrated a deep understanding of what our business is all about,” added Dominic. “To kick-start this brochure, which had to immediately engage with the public sector, we sat down with Phil and Steve Megson to map out our key messages and identify hot topics. We wanted to highlight the importance of employee engagement to make change happen, this aligned us with key strategic themes of the event.

“The brochure was highly effective in getting our core messages across. This was achieved using an attention building statement and testimonials as well as extracts from a White Paper we had written about the public sector. Challenging questions were used to spark interest in the subject matter and a strong call to action which encouraged readers to register for one of our free Discovery Days. We also offered a discount on our normal consultancy fees for those who took advantage of our ‘Civil Service Live’ offer. The content and the quality of the brochure and the exhibition stand were superb. We set ourselves high targets for the Civil Service Live exhibition and Quiet Storm helped us meet them.”

Go MAD® is a business improvement and technology company that helps people at all levels within an organisation to develop their ability to think quickly, clearly and more creatively with a consistent solution focused approach. For the Civil Service Live exhibition, 1,200 copies of the exhibition brochure designed by Quiet Storm were printed on 170 gsm Xerox Colortech Silk paper using their in-house digital print facility. The public sector specific design was also used for a pop-up stand which drew the attention of show visitors. The combined impact of these two pieces of targeted marketing ensured the Go MAD message was shouted out loud and clear.


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