Customers will listen when you speak their language

Kingfisher Lighting’s impressively stylish new website has been designed as part of a targeted marketing strategy and after client profiling.

With a world class reputation for providing quality lighting solutions for today’s built environment Kingfisher wanted to capitalise on their success and expertise. Quiet Storm’s proven track record in helping clients increase sales made them the ideal marketing partner.

Sales Director Matthew Harding explained: “Quiet Storm had already worked with another company in our group and helped them achieve great results. They helped us profile our customers and develop a new marketing strategy and one of the results of this has been our new website. We are delighted with it and it has already attracted some great comments. People are impressed.

“Our previous site was not editable in-house and it was difficult for site visitors to locate products. Our new site gives us everything we wanted. Editing is simple; the site looks great and clearly showcases our completed projects and our product range. Understanding what our customers want is crucial to our on-going success and Quiet Storm have helped us achieve this.”

Kingfisher Lighting is a family-owned business providing architectural, urban and stadium lighting solutions. The site’s home page features a selection of banner photographs showing Kingfisher Lighting installations. These dynamic images demonstrate the quality and scale of past projects, encouraging site visitors to find out more. A news ticker, scrolling across the bottom of the page, highlights recent successes and there are options to download the latest industry guidelines and sign up to Kingfisher’s newsletter.

During the customer profiling exercise three clear groups were identified; specificers, electrical contractors and electrical distributers. The site and the menu structure are designed to appeal directly to them and provide quick access to the information they require. An extensive product portfolio provides images and descriptions as well as downloadable pdf’s detailing the technical data. With each product description is an invitation to ‘ask a question about this product’. Clicking the link takes visitors straight to an enquiry form. The site also incorporates a search function as well as Google Translate which instantly converts all wording on the site to a specified language.

Quiet Storm are experts in identifying ways customers can be persuaded to choose a product or service over the competition. This can be achieved by creating additional loyalty, providing dynamic and easy to digest information, offering additional value and creating a good impression. When these boxes are ticked, price is no longer the key motivator.

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