A brand new look for Mobius to ensure market positioning remains clearly communicated

Their major benefit is they can provide two way data communication to anywhere on the planet – even in the most remote locations.

“We needed to point out the hidden costs of not choosing Mobius”

On the face of it the Mobius solution appears to be more expensive. Clients’ are always tempted to go for a low price rather than thinking about the costs that not having a robust and reliable service can bring; another lost year of frustration, high costs and poor service. As a result, sometimes we only get a client after they have been through this poor experience with other vendors.

We wanted to clearly communicate the difference between Mobius and the alternatives, in reliability, security and delivery we transform our customers experience.

“Quiet Storm was able to articulate the frustrations experienced by those businesses that had chosen an alternative, pointing out the extensive hidden costs if the wrong network is selected.”

The feedback on the messaging and the striking new brand identity has been very positive – it’s certainly created an impact.

Our primary sales are by recommendation and the new material supports that strategy.

Douglas Gilmour, Sales & Marketing Director, Mobius Networks

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