Strategic direct marketing programme generates £100,000's in new business

Company Image managing director Jonathan Smalley, faced the problem of all new start-up business owners, generating a consistent flow of quality leads. When he set up his commercial interior construction business, he knew this would be his greatest challenge.

If you are a small business owner, you wear many hats

The dilemma is when you are setting out you need to keep a tight reign on costs, so the more you can do yourself, the better. However, you need to structure all the tasks you take on, so as you grow, you can pass on those which can be delegated.

Generating leads is easier and more predictable with a process

In any small business, there are quiet times and busy times. Generating new business needs to be something which runs consistently. In busy times it's all too easy to focus on the business in hand and let the future business activity slip off the radar.

The Storming Direct Marketing process has generated £100,000's in sales

“Working with Quiet Storm I was able to buy into a proven sales and marketing process, especially designed for new business. It provides a clear step-by-step roadmap, outlining what I had to do when. It provides clear measures on the results, so once I'd used it and understood the process - I could delegate it to someone else.”

The best thing is it always generates a positive reaction

Nobody likes cold calling, but the Storming Direct Marketing programme takes this fear away. The first mailing is a personalised mug, which always stimulates conversation. The programme lasts 7 months, incorporates 10 touch points, three telephone calls, six postcards together with a web landing page. It provides a structured approach to staying in touch with prospects.

It's helped me grow my business over the past 4 years

“Using the process has enabled me to systematically generate new business leads. Because it’s a process, I could easily delegate it to focus on the tasks which needed my attention. It also meant I knew the numbers, so could manage the flow of enquiries and new business activity. The single biggest new business contract win from this process was £150,000, but as with all new business, the real opportunities follow in the repeat business.”

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