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Providing clear ‘Vision’ to Davidsons Homes

Construction is a fast-moving sector which is reliant on the smooth running of all the processes within the production line to bring about successful results.

Just one weak link in the chain can have a catastrophic impact on the overall success of a development, which means that spotting and resolving issues quickly and efficiently is key.

However, with so many individual variables within the process, often spread over several different geographical locations, keeping on top of every individual component can create headaches. 

Leicestershire housebuilder Davidsons Homes has been providing quality homes at affordable prices across the Midlands for many years.

It built more than 400 homes last year and has ambitious plans to create a further 1,500 more over the next ten years.

However, with such a vast number of developments under construction at any one time, keeping track of where each one is at, and managing issues at each site swiftly and effectively, presents major logistical challenges.


A Vision-ary solution

Davidsons is a long-standing client of Quiet Storm and approached us three years ago to ask for help in developing a real-time system which would provide an overview of each stage of the build process for every individual project.

Building projects usually slip because there is a time-lag between an issue being identified and how it is escalated upwards in order to get a decision about how to resolve it.

In response, we developed ‘Vision’, a project management system which covers every element of the process, through to handover.

The online tool collates information about each stage of a project, giving the company a real-time view of where each one is at.

It also highlights any faults, issues or challenges as and when they arise, escalating them through the appropriate channels so they can get resolved as quickly as possible.

Vision streamlines communication and efficiency by providing evidence-based data to enable project managers to make the right decisions, faster.

It also gives senior management full visibility of each project, to help identify training needs and resource shortages.



Jason Glover, Operations Director at Davidsons Homes, said: “As a fast-growing company that places great emphasis on consistent quality of delivery across all our developments, we need very robust management procedures and processes in place to ensure that our site managers are all on the same page and every project is delivered in line with the way we work.

“It gives the senior team here a full overview of where every project is at, at any given time, so we can quickly assess and address any issues that crop up to keep things running smoothly.

“It also enables our site managers to quickly escalate any issues to director level, to get a quick decision and resolution.

“There’s no doubt about it, Vision has helped to improve our business performance.” 

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