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Helping Clearance Paving to boost web sales during lockdown

Clearance Paving is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of discounted paving products. It supplies discontinued, trial and factory second garden and driveway paving from manufacturers and merchants directly to the customer.

The paving market is highly competitive and driven by ever-changing tastes in consumer demand. Manufacturers try to stay ahead of the curve by regularly introducing new paving products to keep up with the latest garden design trends.

At the end of each season, Clearance Paving use Brett Landscaping discontinued product lines for sale to the general public via its ecommerce store,

The website also includes a knowledge bank which offers a wealth of information and expertise about a host of paving-related issues, including planning regulations and how-to guides on laying the perfect patio or driveway.


Impressive sales figures

Quiet Storm has worked with Clearance Paving’s parent company, Brett Landscaping and Building Products for several years, delivering many projects in that time. We developed and launched the Clearance Paving website in 2018

2020 has been a strange year for businesses of all sizes and types and at the turn of the year, no-one could have foreseen how the coronavirus pandemic would affect the economy. However, as thousands of workers across the UK found themselves either on furlough leave or working from home, many people cancelled their summer holiday plans and instead focused on improving their homes and gardens.

Clearance Paving was able to benefit from this spike in demand. In the first two months of lockdown, the website recorded its best-ever performance. Visitors to the site increased by 300% and page views went up by 432%. There was also an increase in conversions of 221%, as online transactions went up by a massive 1,182%.


‘An outstanding performance’

Danielle Thorpe, Head of Marketing at Brett Landscaping Ltd, said:

“We’ve worked with Quiet Storm on various projects over the years and the technical solutions they provide always deliver value to the business.

“While the COVID-19 pandemic hit many retailers hard, our sector was one of the ones that benefitted from the spike in demand for DIY and home improvement products for projects that people might have been putting off but suddenly found themselves with the time to do them.

“People finding themselves either on furlough or working remotely had the time to focus on home improvements. This helped us to record an outstanding online sales performance at the start of lockdown, which gave us a good base on which to build our summer sales period.”

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