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Quiet Storm - Celebrating 35 years in business

As a predominantly web and browser software based company today, our 35 years in business have witnessed significant changes in the way businesses operate.


1987 - no email, no internet and ‘not so mobile’ phones

As a ‘new born’ in 1987, the business operated as a sole trader and provided advertising agencies, PR companies with graphic design, artwork and creative solutions for marketing, training and employee communications. Mobile phones were the size (and weight) of a car battery. Every project was designed and artworked by hand, took an age to complete, and was distributed via snail mail or courier for sign-off.


Yet we worked for some of the UK’s biggest brands

Our reputation grew as the digital revolution blurred the boundaries between print, video, exhibitions and conferences through the 1990’s. As an early adopter of technology, we worked for some of UK’s biggest brands. Our first website was for Dataflex plc in 1995 a modem manufacturer originally owned by Sir Alan Sugar. Not bad for saying the first ever webpage was published by British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee in 1991.  1999 - After more than a decade of growth, Quiet Storm Solutions Limited became the main trading structure.


Today we specialise in clever websites, business solutions and engagement activities

Our client list remains just as prestigious, although our focus has centered on the areas we were recognised as making the greatest difference to our clients. This is because Quiet Storm Solutions niche combines our communication know-how gathered over decades, with the latest in browser based technologies, wrapped in a results driven - solutions focused - approach. Some of our ecommerce websites measure sales in £ millions per day, where as our business solutions measure in the £ thousands saved. We believe ‘people deal with people’ and we measure our success in our client and staff retention - which is industry leading.

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