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Pulseless Flow brand launched to penetrate new market

Slack & Parr has a world-class pedigree for creating the best in kind 'made-to-order' custom precision gear pump solutions. Identifying a gap in the market they designed a number of  'ready for dispatch' pumps – and approached Quiet Storm to help them launch this new range.


Branding, launch and website

Established in 1917, Slack and Parr soon became the global standard for 'made to order' custom precision gear pumps. These highly engineered pumps served high viscos industries like the manufacture of paint, man-made fabrics, and other chemical processes. Their products are found across the globe, and largely sold through an extensive distributor network. Having been approached by multiple distributors in relation to developing a range of 'ready for dispatch' low viscosity pumps – the engineering team set to work on researching the market and relevant competition. Identifying a gap in the market, the team then set about developing prototypes for a high-end range of low viscosity pumps.


Why we felt Quiet Storm was the perfect fit for this critical project

Slack & Parr were committed to exhibit at the CHEMUK 2021 exhibition as this had been identified as the best opportunity, to cost effectively introduce the new brand to the widest possible audience. With this as a fixed deadline, together with the market research, David Flanagan and Neil Anderton contacted Quiet Storm.

“Having appointed Quiet Storm to create our website for our core product range, plus a logo to mark our centenary back in 2017, a strong relationship was formed. We felt they understood us and our products. So when the new product range was at a stage where routes to market and branding needed to be factored in, Quiet Storm were our first point of call. We approached them to provide guidance on how the new sales channels could possibly be managed and whether we should develop an independent brand.

David Flanagan Technical Sales Engineer, Slack & Parr

After listening to our thoughts, challenges and aims for the new range of pumps, they took us through their proven process to map all the relevant requirements. It was important to us to understand how we could communicate the benefits of the new products proactively, plus keep the clear separation between the existing core products. Most importantly, determining how we could capitalise on the quality of our long-established brand, without endangering our brand equity. Their experience helped us select the name, create the branding and messaging – as well as design an exhibition stand demonstrating the ‘pulseless flow’ technology which caught the attention of our target audience.

We were able to register a domain and brand name for Pulseless, the generic term for the type of pump we were creating. Plus define a clear strategic approach to launching the new range and an ecommerce based sales approach.

"Within our fixed timescale and starting with just a few basic ideas, Quiet Storm helped us to arrive at a clear strategy of exactly how we were going to achieve our business goals, and we’re really pleased with where working with Quiet Storm has taken us."

Neil Anderton Hydraulics and Industrial Director, Slack & Parr

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