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An explainer video that’s a breath of fresh air

Pollution Solution is a UK-based air quality technology business. It works with local authorities and employers to reduce air pollution and ensure compliance with legal air quality standards, with a view to significantly reducing human exposure to pollutants and improve people’s quality of life.

Its core product, Roadvent, consists of two linear drain slots which are installed into the roadway and connected by to a roadside cabinet with a fan. It works by creating a vacuum when vehicles drive over it, capturing toxic vehicle emissions before they reach roadside pavements and buildings. The dirty air gets filtered and clean air is released back into the atmosphere.

Roadvent can create significant air quality improvements thanks to its proximity to the source of vehicle emissions, including exhaust pipes, brakes and tyres. It has been scientifically proven to reduce roadside pollution levels by 91% and has been featured on BBC News and in The Times newspaper.

Pollution Solution tasked Quiet Storm with producing a short corporate video to explain what Roadvent is, how it works and the benefits it brings.


A (moving) picture is worth a thousand words

The Roadvent system captures exhaust gases, brake and tyre dust, which contain pollutants including Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Nitrogen Oxide (NO), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Particulate Matter (PM2.5). These are passed through a multi-stage filtration process, including an electrostatic precipitator, activated carbon and HEPA filters. Once the filtration is complete, clean air is released through the systems’ roadside air cabinet, and back into the atmosphere.

It’s a simple solution with a complex system sitting behind it, and the client needed help explaining it easily. Our solution was a five-minute branded ‘explainer’ video, including information about Roadvent and how it works, along with footage of the system.

We captured live footage at Roadvent’s demonstration installation at the UTAC Millbrook Vehicle Proving Ground, in Bedford. We also filmed interviews with Pollution Solution’s Founder and CEO, Thomas Delgado, and James Lee, Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry at the University of York, who spoke about the science behind the system. You can view the video online at


Making a difference around the world

“It’s taken eight years, thousands of development hours and more than a few sleepless nights to get to where we are with Roadvent, but we firmly believe in the product and the difference it can make to lives around the world. The efficacy of Roadvent has been independently and scientifically verified, but we needed to explain the system, what it does and the difference it can make to people’s health without getting too technical.

“The video Quiet Storm created for us helps us to convey what Roadvent does in a simple and visual way, so that our message is clear. Roadvent has the potential to improve and save lives by significantly reducing human exposure to harmful vehicle emissions, and the explainer video, which has pride of place on our website homepage, helps us carry that message.”  

Thomas Delgado Chief Executive Officer, Pollution Solution

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