Brochure successfully communicates the benefits of a new technology for high street retailers

The brief was a difficult one as LG are pioneering a technology that is, on the whole, either not know or not understood. This applies to the retail staff responsible for selling the product as well as the general public.

"Even though LG is a well known brand we decided to focus on the technology as this imposed a premium on the product and unless consumers fully understood
the benefits it would just be viewed as an over priced television." Stephen Megson Quiet Storm's managing director went on to conclude, "We implimented the basic principles of 'product marketing' when creating the initial concepts, rather than 'brand marketing' and it proved a successful solution to the challenge".

Quiet Storm took on the whole project, from a blank sheet, concepts, photoshoot, copywriting and design through to the final printed product.

LG commissioned Quiet Storm to produce a brochure for their Flatron Digital television to support sales in Currys, Dixons, Comet and independent retailers. Sarah Pritchard said: "It needed to educate consumers to the benefits of Digital Television yet be written in a language that the not-too-technical would understand. Clearly it had to generate real interest in our product too - we are very pleased with the end result and it is proving to be a real aid to selling this product."

The basic principles of marketing a product

Product marketing is selling a commodity or service that the consumer hasn’t any prior knowledge of, or doesn’t understand.

Therefore product marketing relies on educating the consumer:

A) Why they need it.

B) The price they are paying by not having it - this maybe a particular frustration, a lost opportunity, etc.

Selling a product is more difficult than selling a brand as you have to educate the customer - you are selling the unknown.

By educating effectively about the problem, then you can show your product solves the problem. (As the teacher you naturally become the expert).

The focus of the selling therefore needs to be 90% condition and only 10% solution.

Marketing a brand

This is your version of a commodity or service, that the consumer is aware of – or educated on.

Therefore it becomes a case of why your brand rather than their brand. You need to focus your attentions on the differential, the benefits of your brand.

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