Direct mail takes college message to employers

It was decided that a leaflet, aimed at company decision-makers, was what was needed and the college started work on writing copy for it.

In deciding where to have the leaflet designed and printed, Jane Peel from the Wigston-based college, had two key requirements. She wanted to be able to alter small sections of the copy for different print runs to make it entirely appropriate for the sector it was aimed at. Secondly, because the leaflets are being mailed to carefully selected businesses, she was only likely to require very small print runs.

The college obviously also needed something that attracted employers to look at it and that made sure it delivered the right messages to them.

Quiet Storm was given the brief and has been able to meet all the needs. Before design work started, suggestions were made about the copy. A design was then created that will allow sections of the copy and photographs to be changed to make them industry-specific.

And thanks to Quiet Storm Solutions’ in-house digital print capability, both variable data and very small prints are achievable at minimum cost.

The college is delighted – within a week of receiving the first batch of leaflets they took them out to an exhibition at Leicester City’s Walkers Stadium and two positive leads were generated as a direct result.

“Quiet Storm listened to the brief very well and went beyond that in helping us to achieve our aims,” Jane said. “We are pleased with the leaflet and the results it is helping to achieve.”


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