Website Saves Caravell £10,000 A Year

Appreciation of this led John Lougher, the new Managing Director of refrigeration display and storage equipment supplier Caravell, to approach Quiet Storm for a revamp of the company’s site.

“It had been some time since it was created or updated and needed to be brought into the 21st century,” John, who was a part of the recent Management Buy-Out (MBO) of Caravell, explains. “We also wanted it to be more user friendly.”

Quiet Storm redesigned the site, with the most significant change being photographs and specifications of each product being made individually available.

“Our distributors and members of the public visiting the site can print off the details of exactly what they are looking for,” John said. “In the past, we would have had to send out an entire brochure to enable them to find what they were looking for.

John estimates that this change will save Caravell up to £10,000 each year, as well as making his company more responsive to the needs of the customer.

“Our distributors are very pleased, they find it very easy to get the information they need and they can simply print if off or download it and email it to the enquirer,” he said.

Having seen what a difference an up to date site can make to the business, Caravell have opted for an Active Support Agreement from Quiet Storm.

This will ensure that during the next twelve months the website can develop within an agreed budget. The addition of the new elements planned will enable Caravell’s website to become one of their most powerful marketing tools.

Free monthly consultations, which are part of the Active Support Agreement, will enable them to explore new developments or initiatives as well as reviewing and measuring the success of those already implemented.

“This will encourage people to use the site more frequently, changing the content will give them a reason to look at it on a regular basis and should encourage them to make more purchases,” John said.

“We are very happy with the site and what it is helping Caravell to achieve,” he concluded.


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