New Marketing Tools Improve Sales And Cut Costs For UK Distributor

Introducing a new range of products to a company portfolio should boost sales and enhance the business’s reputation. At the outset, however, decisions need to be made on how the range should be marketed and how its links with existing activities should be communicated.

Does the range require its own branding and does it justify a website and brochure of its own, are among the questions that need to be considered.

The company was subject to a management buy-out early in 2005 and this provided it with a new freedom to decide its own strategy.

Introducing a range of products that cater for the value end of the market was part of this strategy. A new brand name was chosen – Scanfrost by Caravell - and Quiet Storm Solutions was approached to help create visual marketing materials for it.

Earlier in the year QS had designed and produced a brochure for Caravell UK and redesigned the company website.

The new-look A4 brochure, which cut the number of categories from 30 to 12 and linked products used in the same environments ,proved very popular with Caravell’s sales team and distributors. Following this, the website was revamped to reflect the brochure. The most significant change made here was photographs and specifications of each product being made inpidually available.

This enables distributors and members of the public visiting the site to print off the details of exactly what they are looking for, whereas in the past Caravell would have had to send out an entire brochure to enable customers to find what they were looking for.

Managing Director John Lougher estimates that this change will save Caravell up to £10,000 each year, as well as making his company more responsive to the needs of its customers.

“Our distributors are very pleased, they find it very easy to get the information they need and they can simply print if off or download it and email it to the enquirer,” he said.

The success of the new-look marketing tools for Caravell made it easy for the company to decide that similar features were required for Scanfrost by Caravell.

Using the same basic design and techniques that were employed for Caravell, Quiet Storm created a dedicated brochure and website for Scanfrost. By doing so Caravell is employing methods that have all ready provide successful and at the same time is underlining the link between the two brands.

Commenting on the work John Lougher said: “Now more than ever, we at Caravell UK are committed to delivering innovation and quality. This is reflected not only in our products but in our people, sales processes and customer services.

“The investments we are making in sales and marketing support are important aspects of this quality drive. They are delivering better services for our distributors and end-user customers. Just as importantly, they are improving our sales and cutting our costs.

“We are very pleased with the achievements that the work Quiet Storm has done is helping us to realise.”


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