Brochure pack helps convert sales leads and projects more professional image

It was decided that two brochures were needed, firstly a capability brochure to clearly outline the benefits in dealing with the new look TempAstor. It would explain the level of support offered and expertise available, it would also focus on the variety of applications that a temporary building could be used for.

Secondly a product brochure was required, this was to be a standard format so that any subsequent products introduced could follow in its style. The product brochure’s job was to focus in on the specific products offered and the accessories and options available.

To accompany the two brochures were to be a selection of case studies, these were so that when a lead was responded to with practical examples and customer experiences relevant to their proposed application or industry sector.

The format of the capability brochure was six page roll fold with a pocket, this provided us with the space for the content and enabled the ‘product brochure’ and case studies to be included so that the three elements became one when sent to a prospect.

The product brochure was only four pages, the inside spread providing illustrations of the different components and options available for a temporary brochure, this could then be used as reference when a sales person needed to explain the difference between one product and the next; or that of a competitor.

The look created for the adverts was carried across the two brochures. The main feature, a grid of photographs depicting different uses, visually communicated the wide variety of applications that temporary buildings could offer.

The brochures also built on the clean look, adhered to the GL Events brand guidelines. The brochure pack provided TempAstor prospects with a professional, comprehensive response to their enquiry.

Any prospect receiving brochure pack would have the capability brochure which outlines the benefits of using TempAstor, within it is a product brochure which focused on the product most relevant to their enquiry.

Also contained within the pocket would be case studies demonstrating TempAsor’s expertise within the specific industry sector or application required.

“The results of the brochure pack has been to lift the perception of TempAstor within our sector. It makes communicating the product and value of the various components easier and helps us to clearly demonstrate why companies should choose TempAstor above our competitors.

Quiet Storm have been pro-active, easy to work with and the project was delivered on budget and on time. The fact that I could deal with everything at one company no doubt made things easier and I feel produced better results.”

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