New website tops Google and generates 100 leads per month

TempAstor and Storage Structures merger had taken place some months earlier and a temporary website had been created to support ongoing marketing materials. The temporary website explained the major benefits of the union and echoed the new look created for TempAstor in the adverts and brochures already produced. Whilst the two websites, Storage Structures and TempAstor sat behind the shop window of the temporary website, the product offerings and services for the new look TempAstor were being developed.

When the new site structure had been agreed by the directors the frustration of not being found on the search engines was beginning to bite. The new site needed to feature highly on Google to be seen as a success, not only that it needed to generate leads!

Having researched which sectors used temporary buildings and why, the site was constructed to reflect their needs and desires. First and foremost we needed the site to be easy for any prospect arriving to quickly and easily get to the information they needed.

The look of the site needed to reflect that already created in other marketing material to build on the corporate look. The technology behind the website enabled TempAstor to easily amend the content, upload pictures and other reference documents. and as soon as the site was live we were able to go to work on the search engine optimisation (SEO).

Many web companies focus on the SEO when the site is under construction but the major concentration of the TempAstor website in creation was - ‘what do our customers need to know in order to satisfy them that this solution is the one for them?’ The website needs to answer any question that a potential customer may ask, by focusing on the search engine optimisation this becomes almost impossible.

Once the site and content was in place, the site was registered with the most relevant search engines manually. Then a period of research was undertaken to establish which search terms would be the most fruitful and which competitors featured above TempAstor in the organic search engine listings. By dealing with this after the site is developed enables complete focus and the concentration can then be 100% on search engine optimisation.

As TempAstor found, there may be two or three terms that mean the same thing, so to use just one will exclude all those people who choose to search on those other than that used. This needs to be addressed and there are several work arounds including micro sites which basically are web pages optimised for specific key search phrases and link into the main website.

When writing content optimised for a search engine it is a fine balance between the mathematical repetition required by the algorithms of the computer programme and the spoken language version to be consumed by the human being visiting the site as a result of finding it in the search engine listings.

Kathy Jones of TempAstor was provided with training on how to edit the website, including the areas of the page code read only by search engines, and following a search engine optimisation workshop fully understood what was required to achieve a higher organic listing. Within two weeks from the workshop Kathy had the TempAstor website appearing in position one, on page one of Google when searched upon the selected keywords and phrases.

“Using the edit toolbar to change content and code to enhance our organic search engine listings was easy, once I understood the basic principles behind it. The workshop was really useful in achieving this and the training on editing the website enabled me to make adjustments and monitor the effects on search results.

“Quiet Storm explained in plain English what I needed to do to get higher in the search engine listings, they also explained how Pay Per Click campaigns work. This also has now been implemented and the TempAstor website generates approximately 100 leads per month. The software provided by Quiet Storm enables me to see at a glance how the website is performing and whether the leads generated come from organic or Pay Per Click search returns.

What’s more the TempAstor website has received positive feedback from customers and been praised by industry specialists who said that it was the best website in the industry, we have been very pleased with the end result.”

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