The Challenge of Keeping Annual Awards Ceremonies Fresh

Funded by East Midlands Development Agency (emda), the eBusiness Awards builds on the previous success of the National eCommerce Awards that were supported nationally by the DTI and by emda on a regional basis.

Following weeks of anticipation by 26 finalists from across the East Midlands, the winners of the 2007 eBusiness Awards were finally revealed at a celebratory dinner held at the East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham on Thursday 22nd February. With Quiet Storm responsible for the Awards production the evening was an outstanding success.

“I wanted to keep the evening exciting, new and create an event with a buzz about it” said Diane Simpson the eBusiness Club Director. “The technologies available and the ways in which businesses use them is constantly changing and the businesses entering these awards are very innovative, I wanted this to be reflected in the evening.

Although Quiet Storm had been responsible for the previous two awards events, which were both real successes, our policies require that each contract must be tendered for independently. Quiet Storm came up against some serious competition but the reason we selected them was because they put together the most comprehensive proposal. The detail and understanding of the challenges posed by the change of venue, plus the exciting new look put forward made them stand out.

Quiet Storm didn’t disappoint us, working with their AV partner they took care of everything. They designed a stylish new set, liaised with the conference centre and created an exciting, informative awards programme. The mini video programmes outlining the short-listed businesses and their use of technology gave everyone in the audience a real flavour of why they were short listed for the relevant category. A video of the whole event was also produced. This is a great idea as it helps encourage new entries and stakeholders to get involved.”

Diane concluded: “The evening, attended by 324 guests, was a huge success with 26 companies as finalists across 5 categories - it was a real showcase for businesses in the East Midlands using technology to give them the edge - exactly what the East Midlands eBusiness Awards event is meant to be, and this was in no small part down to Quiet Storm.”

For further information lvisit the eBusiness Awards website or call 01530 510 810


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