Disabled Person’s Railcard must be compliant with DDA

"We are working hard to make rail travel easier for everyone, trains are being improved so that customers have access to good quality visual and audible information. It follows therefore that we need to address the diverse needs of our customers when providing them with information."

John Horncastle, Disability & Inclusion Projects Manager at the Association of Train Operating Companies or ATOC, goes on to say:

"My role is to liaise with the 23 train operating companies and ensure that all relevant information regarding the Disabled Person's Railcard is made available through adverts, literature and online in the most accessible format. As you can imagine it is not easy working with 23 different companies to produce a single piece of literature and the process can be quite painful at times. However it was great to simplify the suppliers list down to one, as Quiet Storm could provide all of the services I needed.

The website is especially sensitive as the need for accessibility and compliance required it to be tested by an independent panel and recommendations were then fed back so that the appropriate changes could be made. The content management software is easy to use and the telephone support has been terrific.

I found working with the guys at Quiet Storm great as I had direct communication with the individuals who were responsible for the work so nothing got lost in translation. On the whole I was really pleased with the service and would have no doubts in recommending their services to anyone who has to work with a variety of media to deliver their message."


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