Eight minute DVD presents revolutionary diagnostic system to doctors around the world

MediWatch has developed a range of medical equipment for the diagnosis of a variety of urological conditions. Its unique portable diagnostic products, such as ultrasound scanners and clinical testing units, are used by the medical profession worldwide. The simplicity of operation means they are popular with healthcare providers who have varying levels of clinical expertise.

The company asked Quiet Storm to create a DVD to promote its revolutionary new product, called PSAwatch, from its point-of-care biochemistry range. MediWatch also wanted to use the DVD for product training so the content had to appeal to consultants, doctors and nursing staff.

Products in the biochemistry range analyse blood, body fluids or secretions to diagnose or monitor a specific medical condition. The PSAwatch system is used to test the level of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) in a small sample of a patient’s blood. Checking the PSA level is a key factor in diagnosing and monitoring conditions associated with the prostate gland. It is also a way of screening for prostate cancer and monitoring a patient’s response to therapy. Previously, blood samples had to be taken from a patient during one visit to a medical professional and a second appointment made around two weeks later when the result is back from the laboratory. Using the new PSAwatch, a clinician can give the patient his result in just 10 minutes! The blood sample is taken, typically using a finger-prick device, and tested in the Bioscan reader during a single patient visit. This improves the patient’s experience and is more efficient for the medical staff.

Three eminent medical consultants were filmed at three separate hospital locations in the South of England. This footage was used to show the product being used in real-life situations and explain the testing process. The consultants were also interviewed, endorsing PSAwatch, for testimonial pieces at the end of the DVD.

The timescales for production were very tight. In fact the deadline allowed for only one week of preproduction and two weeks for filming and editing.

MediWatch posted the DVD onto YouTube and used it in a worldwide campaign to promote the product. In an incredibly short timescale PSAwatch has gained unprecedented media coverage worldwide and has already generated enquiries and sales for MediWatch in countries as far away as Iran and New Zealand.

The DVD is also being used as a valuable sales and training tool for medical professionals around the world.

“The DVD has been absolutely instrumental in the launch of PSAwatch. I can’t believe you have done such a great job in the time scale we had. I love it!”

Jan Holt
Sales and Marketing Manager, MediWatch


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