Video clip keeps key figure in the frame at sales pitch

When infrastructure company Bardon Contracting realised that a crucial member of the team would not be available for a high profile pitch it turned to video to bridge the gap. Since he could not attend in person the manager was filmed presenting straight to camera and the clip inserted into the Power Point show used in the meeting.

Bardon Contracting is a division of Aggregate Industries and complements the Group's construction materials portfolio of businesses through its involvement in surfacing and civil contracting works. The company is involved with the construction and maintenance of roads and related infrastructure including several long-term contracts for the Highways Agency, over 40% of the nation's strategic road network.

New contracts are won on the back of the company’s solid reputation and the expertise and experience of its staff. Not being able to fully exploit the benefits of a strong team when pitching for new business could put the company at a disadvantage and this was the dilemma facing Bardon Contracting as they prepared for an important client meeting.

Business Improvement Manager Matt Cunningham explained: “We were in the middle of a brainstorm meeting for the presentation and knew that Paul Hughes, who would lead the project, should we be awarded the contract, would be away for the actual presentation. Paul’s contribution would be key and we needed to emphasise his personal involvement in the project and his obvious pride and passion for the job. To ensure Paul was able to do this we planned to use a video clip of him detailing his prospective role and the approach he would take as a resident of the area in ensuring the contract was a success for all involved.”

Due to the short timeframe allocated by the client, there were only a few days for Quiet Storm to complete the assignment and for the presentation to be finalised. The On Show team arranged for Paul to be filmed at one of Bardon Contracting’s offices, making his case to the client in a head to camera piece. Editing was carried out the next day and a two minute movie clip produced.

Matt added: “We approached Quiet Storm because we have worked with them in the past to assist us building presentations. They were my first port of call as I knew the team would deliver on time and to the highest quality, with their usual exceptional level of service. We were given a few days notice, so time was incredibly tight but they didn’t let us down and we were able to insert the clip into the presentation. As a result, we delivered a comprehensive pitch and with Paul’s message captured and delivered successfully the business made it through that stage of the tender process. At this time Bardon Contracting are waiting to hear on the next stage of the contract.”


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