Dental treatment in Hungary with Access Smile

More and more people are discovering that Europe is the best choice for dental treatment. NHS dentists just don’t have the budget for the facilities and staff available in Hungary. Budapest is recognised as the dental capital of Europe offering the highest standards of dental work. Dental treatment that can take up to weeks in the UK will only take days in Hungary and you could pay up to 60% less.

You could save up to 60% on your UK dentist fees by having dental work abroad. Dental treatment in Budapest is of the utmost quality with state of the art facilities typically beyond the budget of NHS dentists and only used by the most expensive private practices in the UK. With Access Smile, seeing a dentist in Hungary is hassle-free as they can take care of as much or as little of your treatment plan and journey as you wish. In addition, Access Smile also provides the finest levels of aftercare so there has never been a better reason to have dental treatment abroad.

Most wouldn’t think of combining dental treatment abroad with a holiday but it makes perfect sense. While dental procedures in the UK may take several weeks, Access Smile condenses the treatment so the programme is shorter, typically just a couple of days, ideal for a city break. You can enjoy your trip hassle-free as Access Smile can take care of flights, hotels and even chauffeurs for you! Budapest has something for everyone to enjoy and with savings of up to 60%, why not consider having your dental treatment in Europe?

Access Smile provides unrivalled levels of aftercare for those who have had dental treatment abroad. Their guarantee is the only one in the UK to include an additional 6 weeks cover for root canal treatment. Any additional work required to treat a reaction is covered: all expenses will be paid - flights, accommodation – should you need to return to a dentist in Hungary.

Access Smile makes seeing a dentist in Hungary easier than ever before. Top of the line facilities, premium standard treatments and discount prices make dental treatment in Europe an excellent alternative to UK dentists. With concerns like flights, hotels and even chauffeurs taken care of for you, you can enjoy your trip stress-free. Add to all this an excellent and unmatched aftercare guarantee and it’s clear why Access Smile is the best choice for caring, affordable dentistry.


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