Sir David Jason gives support to Air Ambulance message

The Association of Air Ambulances (AAA) had secured acclaimed actor Sir David Jason as its patron and was eager to raise its profile. Versatile exhibition stands were needed that would clearly show the role that the AAA plays in representing the Air Ambulance charities across the UK.

The Air Ambulance Services play a crucial role in Britain’s medical service provision by providing a rapid response to life-threatening situations. The Association of Air Ambulances is a national body representing the independent Air Ambulance charities and the Ambulance Service Trusts that deploy the air ambulance helicopters. The association was established to formerly recognise the key part played by the Air Ambulance Services in the overall emergency response network in the UK.

Each charity works tirelessly to generate public support and raise money to fund its helicopter service. The aim of the AAA is to build on existing relationships between charities and the NHS Ambulance Service to develop a continually improving emergency response network.

Quiet Storm was asked to design an exhibition system comprising of several elements that could stand alone or be used together to form one large stand. To fulfil this need, the On-Show team recommended one large pop-up stand plus two roller banners and a display table/lectern. Images of Air Ambulance helicopters from a selection of individual charities were used on each of the components and David Jason’s picture featured on the roller banner.

Chairman Peter Aldrick explained: “We wanted a professional look for our national association that would get attention but not favour any particular Air Ambulance charity. The key objective for us was to raise the profile of the national body at conferences and exhibitions. We had leaflets and brochures but nothing more visual. We were looking for something highly dramatic, featuring our patron Sir David Jason. He is a well loved public figure who would help get our message across.

“Quiet Storm met our requirements admirably with a four section display. This was delivered to us in time for a meeting of the national Association. Our members, and David Jason, were delighted by the visual impact of the stands.

“We then used the stands at the two-day Emergency Services Show at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire in November ‘09. This event was important to us and was our first chance of raising our profile to a large audience. We attracted a great deal of interest amongst the 4000 plus visitors. Without the display and its eye-catching appeal we would not have been able to generate that amount of attention.”


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