A step by step approach to creating a great impression

When Heather and Neil Turner bought out the UK division of SEC Industrial Battery Company in September 2008 they understood the advantages of it being a respected and established brand with a 35 year history. So they chose not to drastically rebrand immediately but just alter the company name until customers were comfortable with the new set up.

A year down the line, once the market was familiar with the new company, the Directors decided the time was right to update the image of SEC UK. Managing Director Heather Turner explained: “It was still early days and we didn’t have a big marketing budget but we were attracted by the expertise at Quiet Storm and were confident the team would deliver what we needed. They were happy to work with us on a step-by-step approach that would allow us to build up our marketing toolkit gradually. We started with our logo and a low quantity print run of headed stationery and then added a dynamic website.

“We liked the orange and grey colour scheme we had been using in our logo but asked Quiet Storm for a new design. They presented us with six variations and once we had chosen our preferred design they printed headed stationery, business cards and compliment slips to get us started. We also applied the logo to our accounting software so it would appear on our invoices.

“When we were ready to commission a website, Quiet Storm gave us clear advice especially when it came to putting the content on the pages. I had no experience in this area and so really appreciated the help and assistance provided by the team. My questions were always answered promptly and I never felt stupid.

“Quiet Storm has helped bring our image up to date and given us a much more contemporary look. We did it in stages because that’s all we could afford as a new company. I see Quiet Storm as providing a step ladder for us to climb when it comes to creating our marketing tools. Our next move will be the production of a sales brochure.”

SEC UK Industrial Battery Ltd is an independent and privately owned arm of SEC Industrial Battery Company supplying state-of-the-art batteries and battery related products. SEC UK also works with clients in the manufacturing sector to help design their power needs for products at the prototype stage and supports their demands once the product is in production.


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