Logo that gets teens talking

North West Leicestershire District Council asked Quiet Storm to design the branding and promotion materials for a secure new social networking forum called YTalk aimed at 15 – 19 year olds. Funding for YTalk had been granted by Connecting Communities as a way of encouraging young people in the area to speak up about issues that matter to them. It would also provide a safe on-line environment for them to collect friends and communicate with other young people from all over the District. For youngsters that did not want to attend youth council meetings in person it would give them a way of raising issues with the District and County Councils.

Leading the project was Tony Smith, North West Leicestershire IYSS Manager & Positive Futures Co-ordinator. He said: “We needed a very quick turnaround for this. We had been granted some funding with a deadline so it was important to get the project underway. We had very little time, about two months, in which to spend the money.

“We first consulted with a small group of young people to help us shape the identity of the project then I sat down with the team at Quiet Storm and explained what we needed to achieve. It is about giving young people a voice so the logo and general branding needed to appeal to that age group. Quiet Storm presented us with a number of logo options and one was chosen in time for the project launch.

“Quiet Storm moved this along very quickly for us and enabled us to achieve our objective and secure the available funding.”

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