Top Marquees new website triples orders

Frustrated by their website performance on search engines they needed to fully communicate the benefits of Top Marquees’ services and products, and approached Quiet Storm. A site strategy was developed and the new site launched in February 2011. The site began generating enquiries from week one and the level of new business enquiries dramatically increased due to the raised profile on search engines.

“When we launched the new website in February 2011 we saw a 90% increase in enquiries, many of which converted into orders,” exclaimed Marie Shooter, Sales and Marketing Executive for Top Marquees. “Normally our enquiries and orders at this time of year come from existing clients and so we were very happy that the site had made such an impact. We are very pleased with the new website which we feel gives us a fresh new look and successfully promotes what we are - the branded marquee specialists. It is very easy to use and enables us to keep it up to date with news, offers and new products. As the season has gone on we have continued to see a rise in the number of enquiries from new businesses and have received a lot of interest in our new range of products from new and existing clients.”

For a website to work effectively it needs to be ‘search engine friendly’ and keyword rich so that it will appear high in the list of suggested sites when someone enters their search term. This is achieved through search engine optimisation (SEO). When search engines, such as Google, scan the web their ‘robots’ and ‘spiders’ are looking for keywords and phrases that accurately reflect and are relevant to the products and services offered. 

For Top Marquees, operating in a highly competitive market, search engine optimisation is crucial. When designing the new website and creating the page content, Quiet Storm worked closely with Top Marquees to focus on their strengths and how they stood out from the competition. This resulted in page text and headings that were relevant and key word rich. The content was also written to have maximum impact on potential customers. An easy to follow menu structure, well-written text and a wealth of images quickly provides visitors with all the information they are looking for. On each page, links to other areas of the site offer an alternative method of navigation and there are also ‘search’ and site map features.

As well as attracting customers, websites can earn their keep by harvesting valuable information from visitors. The Top Marquees website includes a lead generation tool. On the home page a free report on what to look for when buying a marquee is offered to those who submit their name and email address. This data can then be used in future marketing strategies and initiatives.

Quiet Storm websites include the Easy Edit Toolbar which makes creating and updated web pages quick and simple. The availability of full statistics on how many visitors the site is attracting, at what times and using which keywords, enables accurate monitoring of the site’s performance.


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