If you’re having a new website, getting back on Google is a number one priority

When Alba Traffic Management Services Ltd decided it was time for a website refresh, they hadn’t realised it could cost them there spot on Google resulting in less enquiries.

Having had there existing website for a number of years, Alba realised they were falling behind the online competition and with their limited ability to edit the website in their Content Management System, they felt it was time get a new website to promote their traffic management services company in Scotland.

After speaking with Quiet Storm, Alba soon realised it wouldn’t be as simple as they had hoped. They currently ranked around Position 3 - 5 on Google for terms such as ‘Traffic Management Scotland’ & ‘Traffic Management Services Scotland’ and there was no guarantee their new website would get that high for a good few months. They also wanted to get found on a number of other services they offer such as:

Quiet Storm talked them through the SEO package and now the next step is to optimise Alba’s new website for the chosen search terms.


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